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Campus Announcement Guidelines

Each Monday morning Campus Announcements are sent via email to all active Morgan State University employees, faculty, and students that are subscribed to receive the mailing.

Campus announcements range from administrative reminders such as when a monthly parking garage payment is due to workshop and training announcements, advertisements for hospital seminars and lectures, dates for charitable, cultural, and entertainment events, and research studies in need of participants.

The Campus Announcements distribution list considerably reduces the volume of emails that faculty and staff would otherwise receive from those on campus advertising their events.

Submissions are due at noon on Friday for inclusion in the next Monday mailing.

Announcement Categories

Campus Wide
A compilation of announcements and information received by the Office of Public Relations and Web Communications to be distributed to all four target audiences (faculty only, staff only, faculty/staff and students)

Faculty Only
A compilation of faculty-related announcements and information received by the Office of Public Relations and Web Communications.

Staff Only
A compilation of staff-related announcements and information received by the Office of Public Relations and Web Communications.

A compilation of Faculty and Staff related announcements and information received by the Office of Public Relations and Web Communications.

All Students
A compilation of Undergraduate and Graduate student-related announcements and information received by the Office Public Relations and Web Communications.


This form may be used to request campus-wide announcements to faculty/staff; undergraduate students; or graduate students.  

Schedule  (also see Requirements)

Submission Deadline
Submission deadline for Monday announcements will be due by Friday at 12:00 noon.  
Submission deadline for the Thursday announcements will be due no later than Wednesday at 12:00 noon.  

If your announcement request submission is received after the given deadline, your announcement will be included in the next scheduled announcement.

Email Distribution
Campus-wide announcements will be sent on Mondays and Thursdays during the academic year. Announcements to faculty/staff will be sent on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the academic year.  


All announcements will be e-mailed in plain text format.  Images associated with the announcement request may be included, but will not substitute as the actual announcement.  Images submitted can and/or will be used in the actual page link to the announcement.  We highly recommend you submit clear, high-resolution photos.

Other Information

Requirements: Before announcements can be sent out, the information must be already be approved & published to any of the following 3 areas:

  • Requesting area/department’s website
  • University Newsroom
  • University Events Calendar

Event Announcements:  MSU Announcements messages do not include event-related announcements, although there are rare exceptions for events that are relevant to the majority of the university community.  Instead, event listings can be submitted to the MSU Events Calendar via  Note: Upcoming events will also be featured at the end of all announcements messages.

School Specific Announcements:  MSU’s Announcement messages cannot be used for messages intended for a single school.  However you may use our online request form, and your request will be forwarded to the appropriate school representative. Just select “Specific School or Department” in the drop down for audience category.  

Additional Information

For more information regarding announcements, please contact Clinton Coleman, Director of Public Relations & Web Communications at

Restrictions: Neither MSU Announcements or other e-mail/events distribution services will not be used to further a political position or endorse a product or service.  These are examples only.  MSU Office of Public Relations & Web Communications reserves the right to approve, deny, or limit use of the above listed services.