Thursday, June 22, 2017
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AIABaltimore Awards Two Travel Scholarships to Morgan State Architecture Students


AIABaltimore is pleased to award scholarships to Maleick Fleming and Juwan McIntyre to travel overseas for architectural research. Maleick will travel to Chile and Juwan will travel to Finland. The AIABaltimore Architecture Research and Travel Scholarship was established in 2007 to support distinguished students in Morgan State University’s School of Architecture and Planning (SA+P) undergraduate degree program, the Bachelor of Science in …

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Day 11: Coming Home


Today, Friday, June 2, we left for home.  We were excited to come back to our family and friends, but knew that we would miss seeing and tasting the culture of both Spain and Portugal.  This morning we would receive a wake-up call at 3AM.  We were to have our bags down to the lobby by 4AM and all be …

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Day 10: Learning in Lisbon


We only had one full day to explore as many sites as possible in Lisbon, Portugal. In addition to seeing the top tourist attractions, we also wanted to learn more about the history of the region. Portugal, which is located adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean, is a small country in terms of size, roughly about the same size as the …

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Day 9: Next Stop Portugal!


Following a week of successful concerts in Spain, it was now onto Portugal, but not before deliberating on whether or not we should instead visit the beautiful Barcelona region in the northern Spain.  We decided to stick to our initial plan and to perform in Portugal. This may be our only opportunity for us ever visit Portugal and share the …

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Day 8: Exploring the Palacio de los Reales Alcazares

Day 8: Exploring the Palacio de los Reales Alcazares

We only have one more full day left in Spain and this trip has been an eye-opening experience for us all. Experiencing the food, people, and overall culture is something none of us will soon forget. Following breakfast, we embarked on another excursion by foot to see what else we may discover in Seville. Throughout the choir’s years of international …

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Day 7: Flamenco Dancing in Seville


Each day draws us nearer to the end of our time in Spain and there are only four days left on our tour. Yesterday, we left Malaga and hit the road to Córdoba and Seville. Upon arriving in Córdoba and exiting the bus we were greeted by the sight of the massive “El Puente Romano” bridge, which was built by the ancient …

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Day 6: The Beaches of Torremolinos and the Wonders of Malaga and Coin


While in Spain, our goal is to see as much of the country as possible. Today, we packed up our bags once again to tour the city of Malaga, before our next concert performance in the neighboring city of Coin. The further south we traveled, the more moderate and comfortable were the temperatures. On the way to Malaga, we stopped …

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SA+P Professors hosts Symposium on City’s Future


Baltimore City Planning Director, Tom Stosur, talks about City’s Green Network Plan This spring, the School of Architecture and Planning (SA+P) Professors Archana Sharma and Daniel Campo organized the symposium titled, “Greening and Making Baltimore: A Dream Referred” at the Center for the Built Environment and Infrastructure Studies (CBEIS). There were several dynamic speakers that shared their experiences and challenges in …

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Day 5: Toledo to Granada


After a very successful concert in the Teatro de Rojas in Toledo, we departed for Granada, Spain.  The name of the city was nostalgic for me, because my family had a Ford Granada back in the seventies which served us well.  We had a four hour drive to Granada ahead of us. In Spain, the coach bus travel is very …

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Day 4: Madrid to Toledo


After three very full days in Madrid, the entire group repacked and left for our next destination, Toledo,  a very historic city that was once the capital city of Spain. Typically in Europe, one will find many cities on hills, so that they may be at an advantageous position to defend against possible invasions. Toledo must be one of the …

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