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Day 7 – Another Concert Day

Day 7dWe began the day with a guided tour of Mendoza.  Mendoza is an interesting city in that there are plazas all around, every couple of blocks or so.  More interestingly, there are the channels around the city to collect all the rain that falls.  Typically when it rains in urban centers, the water just rests and eventually evaporates.  Mendoza is basically in the middle of a desert. In trying to keep the city as irrigated as possible, and of course to make sure all the vineyards are properly watered, the city collects every drop of water that it can.  One must be careful where one walks so as not to fall in a gutter!  We climbed a huge park high above the city – the Alameda of General San Martin for another photo op.   Mendoza clearly was the most picturesque city so far on the tour.

Day 7cAfter a few hours of downtime, we walked to dinner and then drove to another concert, hosted by the Mendoza University Choir at the Iglesia de Ntra. Sra. De la Merced.  We enjoyed another great concert, in their most historic church. Again, we had great attendance and a great response.  After the concert, the Mendoza Choir hosted an elaborate reception.  Unfortunately, we could not stay long, as we had to fly back to our arrival city of Buenos Aires early the next morning.

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