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Dr. Samia Rab Kirchner joins UNESCO as Desk Reviewer

photo of Dr. Samia Rab KirchnerDr. Samia Rab Kirchner, Associate Professor,  joins the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and cultural Organization (UNESCO) Technical Team Desk Reviewer for historic properties proposed from the Middle East for inscription on the World Heritage List.

Each year, UNESCO State Parties submit Nomination Dossiers for historic properties for inscription on the World Heritage List. The Operational Guidelines of the UNESCO World Heritage Convention requires that these nomination dossier are peer-reviewed by anonymous expert Desk Reviewers who have knowledge of the World Heritage Convention and either know the nominated property in question or be able to comment on its significance at the global level. Desk Review Reports are submitted to the World Heritage Panel members and are treated in a highly confidential manner, and the names of the authors are never revealed to anyone, including those involved in the final evaluation.

Reference Operational Guidelines, see:

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