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2018 choir trip to Austria and Slovakia

Day 1: Morgan Choir Arrives Safely in Vienna, Austria

After more than a week of rain in Baltimore, coinciding with the University’s 2018 May Commencement ceremony and Baltimore’s Preakness stakes, this past Monday, the Morgan State University Choir traveled to and safely arrived in Vienna, Austria without a hitch!  

Before arriving at our ultimate destination, there was a short layover in Paris, France which provided students with an opportunity to engage with travelers from all over the world. Thankfully, Air France, which by the way is a quality airline, landed successfully on Tuesday in Vienna.

From the moment students arrived, they had an opportunity to experience the culturally dynamic ambiance of music and art, which made Vienna a sacred place for musicians and artists. A sacred place that has a deep-rooted history for being the home to one of the world’s greatest imperial dynasty’s, the Habsburg Dynasty. In addition, during the tenure of the Habsburg Dynasty reign, if you were a musician or artist of any note or talent, you were more than likely employed by the Hapsburg family. 

Prior to participating in the welcome dinner, students enjoyed a bus and walking tour of Vienna. During the tour, the guide pointed out Beethoven’s former place of residency and several homes of the Vienna opera and Vienna Philharmonic orchestra (respectively). Students also encountered an array of statues, honoring some of the most acclaimed artists from the region including Mozart, Beethoven, Haydn and Goethe, erected throughout the city. 

At-the-conclusion of the tour, students met for a group dinner, indulging in a typical Austrian meal of meat and potatoes, which was quite tasty. And there was no way that we could have visited Austria without tasting a desert. 

Day one was filled with revisiting history, sightseeing and sampling the local cuisine, but it was only the beginning of what was sure to be a memorable experience. At the end of the day, it was time to adjust to the time zone change and prepare for the days to follow.

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