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Getting Our Groove on at the Closing Reception
Getting Our Groove on at the Closing Reception

Morgan Students Study Abroad: Day 12: Last Day in Hangzhou

Presentation at the Electric Vehicle Battery Facility
Presentation at the Electric Vehicle Battery Facility

Our last day in Hangzhou started with a hearty breakfast and then we were off to visit the electric vehicle and electric vehicle battery facility an hour away in Wanxiang. We were warmly greeted by several high-level employees, who provided a brief PowerPoint presentation on the facility and the importance of electric vehicles in China. After that, we were taken to several locations within the facility to learn more about the company. Several of our students had plenty of questions for the employees, as they were very curious about electric vehicle technology. After a group picture, we completed our visit and enjoyed a quick lunch in a local restaurant.

We then headed back towards Hangzhou. The roads in China, at least the areas we have visited so far, are significantly better than the ones in the U.S. The streets are clean and tall buildings stretch well beyond just the downtown areas. We have not been exposed to any rural areas or areas where locals live, so it might not be appropriate for us to conclude that we have seen a whole picture of China. Nonetheless, the developed areas in China rival the best areas in the U.S.

Sharing Our Thoughts on the Memory Board
Sharing Our Thoughts on the Memory Board

Once back on campus, we headed to the library to complete our post-trip evaluations. Organizers at the university looked forward to receiving our feedback because it helps them make the program more productive for the next cohort of students. Next, we headed for one last class, which was on paper cutting art. We learned how to make various designs by simply folding paper, and cutting in particular patterns, which was a fun activity. Before going back to our rooms, we all signed the memory board in the hallway to show Wanxiang Polytechnic University our gratitude for hosting us. Our next stop was back to the hotel for our closing ceremony.

At the reception, speeches were given and a certificate was presented to our students for completing the program. There was also delicious food, socializing, performances, and dancing. Several of the local students performed choreographed dances to entertain us, and some of our students performed with the local students. Within no time, everyone was on the dance floor having a blast.

We were all very appreciative and humbled by the love and effort the Wanxiang Polytechnic University staff and students had put forth in making us comfortable for our six days here. They took great care of us and their hospitality will forever be remembered. We all exchanged contact information in hopes of keeping in touch from half the way around the world. We realized that although China and the U.S. have different political objectives, as people, we all want the same things in life – a secure life, good friends, and most importantly love. Despite our jubilance at the moment, we were also sad at the same time knowing that we will be leaving our new friends tomorrow. It is time to pack our bags and wake up bright and early to head to Shanghai by bus.  We are all looking forward to seeing China’s New York City.

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