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Professor Makes Case for ‘Perfection of Skinny Women’ in Debut Novel

TIM_5462“Sanity. I find solace in writing. When I’m working on curriculum, student issues, I find that writing is how I retreat, to get lost in an alternate universe.”

The communications professor, known in the fiction world as debut author ‘T. Richard,’ smiles broadly as she sits at her office desk in the University Communications Center, describing the balance between serving as a mentor, coach and instructor at Morgan State University and the time she found to pen her new book, ‘Skinny Women Are Perfect.’

Calling it an ode to women, whom she describes as the most “engaging protagonists,” Richard says that ‘Skinny Women’ lifts the veil of associating personal perfection with physical appearance.

“Women rock,” Richard says. “We are totally jacked and perfect at the same time. This book is a call for women to redefine, without pretentiousness, the concept of being whole. To embrace imperfection as a part of the journey to being whole. To be able to value and appreciate without, at the same time, lying to ourselves about ourselves.”

The book follows four professional women living and working in Washington D.C. Outward appearances convey beauty, accomplishment and having it all. But Rory, Neekoo, Bailey and Sierra each carry dark secrets that threaten to disrupt their success and lives.

Richard formally launched the book last month in Baltimore, and says reception from peers and students has been overwhelmingly positive.

‘The title was met with raised eyebrows from some, but mostly out of interest and curiosity, and not out of being critical.”

When asked if ‘Skinny Women Are Perfect’ will be the first and last look into the lives of the four women, Richard says that an individual look into the lives of each of the women seeking to define perfection is a distinct possibility.

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