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SA+P Professors hosts Symposium on City’s Future

Baltimore City Planning Director, Tom Stosur, talks about City’s Green Network Plan

This spring, the School of Architecture and Planning (SA+P) Professors Archana Sharma and Daniel Campo organized the symposium titled, “Greening and Making Baltimore: A Dream Referred” at the Center for the Built Environment and Infrastructure Studies (CBEIS).

There were several dynamic speakers that shared their experiences and challenges in improving the City’s infrastructure including Baltimore City Planning Director, Tom Stosur, who spoke on the City’s Green Network Plan, a bold vision for reimagining vacant and abandoned properties and transforming them into community assets, creating an interconnected system of flourishing spaces throughout the city.

Carl Simon, the interim executive director from Blue Water Baltimore and Elizabeth Fortson, proclaimed the need for action and more volunteers in making Baltimore a better city.

The symposium’s change-making discussions realized a need for more diversity in the environmental and planning fields which was reiterated by Morgan’s Archana Sharma.  Poets Derick Ebert and Slangston Hughes through renditions: Bike Lanes & A Poor Man’s Dream in All Black, resonated with all, as most poignant.

The evening was summed up by architecture professor Leon Bridges, FAIA, where he observed that the diversity of views and people present filled him up with hope for Baltimore.

Check out the symposium on YouTube channel: 2017 Imagining City Futures :Baltimore.

The Symposium was made possible by the University’s Provost’s Faculty Development Grant with support from SA+P Faculty and Staff.

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