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Southern Education Foundation Recognizes Morgan Student Achievement Model

In a new report released by the Southern Education Foundation (SEF), Morgan State University was lauded for its efforts in enhancing and accelerating developmental education — also referred to as remedial courses — ensuring that new students successfully adapt to the rigors of the college curriculum. The report, “Untold Barriers for Black Students in Higher Education: Placing Race at the Center of Developmental Education,” highlights challenges endemic to the U.S. K–12 educational system that continue into college, often placing minority students at a disadvantage. In addition, the report examines the successes of two HBCUs, Morgan and Claflin University, in serving students of color in need of developmental education, and it highlights how the two have served as models for other institutions to replicate.

sef-reportAs part of a five-year, SEF-funded project, Morgan sought to advance creative and promising developmental education-focused initiatives aimed at keeping African-American students from falling behind in their studies. The University embraced solutions that address the issue in a more meaningful and direct way. Led by Dr. Brenda James, director of Morgan’s Center for Academic Success & Achievement, the University examined the potential positive impact of a revised, integrated curriculum and then shifted support to those who teach it. Morgan’s approach was to ensure that the right tools and proper circumstances were made available to support the students’ underlying potential. It began with the authentic belief that students are intelligent and possess the ability to succeed. The result was the design of an enhanced curriculum that is culturally responsive to the students identified for developmental education.

To learn more about Morgan’s participation in the pilot project, review the report online (pp. 21–24).

SEF is a research institution and policy advocate that works to advance equity and excellence in education for all students in the South, particularly low-income students and students of color. The organization publishes a host of impactful reports and supports a quality education for all.

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