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Delana Penn TTI

STEM Concepts Drive NTC’s Summer Programs

The engineering ruler fascinated the teachers in the Teacher Transportation Institute, who learned just what that three-sided instrument was for as they created a traffic roundabout to scale.

High school students in the Summer Transportation Institute were similarly amazed by the concepts that go into creating a roundabout.

Both groups were part of innovative summer programs hosted by the National Transportation Center at Morgan State University to bring awareness of opportunities in the transportation field and the STEM concepts students need to prepare for them.

Six educators attended the 2015 Summer Teacher Transportation Institute, a 14-day workshop in which they researched traffic roundabouts and then modeled one.

Charles Hicks, a math teacher, noted that students can be presented with real-world problems that they can solve with STEM concepts. “I’ll be talking to students about what angle should a vehicle come in [to a roundabout] to get a different speed.”

Twenty-five high school students participated in four-week 2015 Summer Transportation Institute, designed to expose them to all aspects of transportation.

The students took a boat trip to see maritime transportation, visited aviation museums and also studied traffic roundabouts and then created their models.

Zack Burke, who attends Randallstown High School, said, “What I mostly got out of it was the exposure, all the field trips. I liked the aerospace part – I looked at being a pilot or an aeronautical engineer.”

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