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President Wilson serving thanksgiving food to student
In 2019, President Wilson serves Thanksgiving meals to students.

Thanksgiving During The Pandemic

Dear Morgan Family,

By any measure, this year has been one that has uprooted us from many of the norms, routines, comforts, and traditions that we as a society, and a University community, have embraced for scores of decades. The global pandemic, brought on by the COVID-19 virus, has impacted us emotionally, educationally, financially, socially and spiritually, Sadly, as of today, it has infected 12.6 million Americans. Nearly 260,000 individuals in our nation have lost their lives—many of our loved ones among them. These are, indeed, challenging times.

As the Thanksgiving season is upon us, I know all we want to do is to gather physically in the warmth and familiarity of our family and friend spaces and enjoy conversation, food, and, perhaps some storytelling. But our public health experts have warned us against travel, and advised us to avoid large, in-person family gatherings in light of the uptick in the spread of the virus. I endorse their recommendation. Although it appears that help is on the way with the recent news of the efficacy of several vaccines, I urge us to exercise restraint this year and stay away from those huge family gatherings many of us might have enjoyed in previous years. Normally, I would be in rural Alabama this time of year reconnecting with my core family, but the closest many of us will come to each other this week will be a “Zoom
Thanksgiving” tomorrow afternoon.

So, during this pandemic Thanksgiving season, may you experience joy, warmth, love and happiness as you enjoy good food, great friendships and the embrace of loved ones, though this year that might be done virtually.

Stay healthy and well, and stay focused on those things for which you are thankful. And remember—wear a mask, socially distance, avoid large gatherings, and wash your hands frequently.

Stay Morgan Strong—relief is on the horizon.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving,
President Wilson

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