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University Responds to Portrayal of Facts

Division of Student Affairs
Office of the Vice President

I am following up in response to the inaccurate information recently published in the personal blog of Mr. Brian Stewart and subsequently reported by the Baltimore Sun and the HBCU Digest regarding a discrimination complaint filed by Mr. Stewart.

The fraternity chapter referenced by Mr. Stewart was found responsible for violating the University Student Code of Conduct. The Chapter was placed on disciplinary probation effective 11/22/13 to conclude Fall 2015.  During the probationary period, the Chapter is prohibited from registering as an official organization or student group with the University.  The Chapter is prohibited from participating in all University sponsored events and can not sponsor or host any event on or off campus, with the exception of an educational program which was part of the educational sanction imposed by the University Judicial Board.  The educational program addressed LGBTQ diversity issues within the Morgan community. The program was approved and supervised by the Office of Student Conduct. This presentation was conducted on May 2, 2014.

To my knowledge, there were no parties hosted by the chapter. In fact, the party that Mr. Stewart references in his blog was hosted by another student organization. The event had no affiliation with the Alpha Iota chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.

While Mr. Stewart’s blog reports that the University is sending the wrong message, I must disagree with his opinion. In fact, the university has hosted a series of conversations to ensure that we continue to emphasize our values around respect for diversity and inclusion at Morgan State University.

President Wilson’s LGBTQA Advisory Council is evidence of our commitment to address issues at Morgan. Over the past two years, the Council has been a strong advocate for ensuring that LGBTQA issues remain relevant in our community at Morgan. Are we completely satisfied with our efforts at Morgan?  No, but we are constantly working to ensure that respect for all diversity at Morgan State University is valued and appreciated and anything to the contrary will not be tolerated.

Dr. Kevin Banks
Vice President


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