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Welcome Back

Welcoming Morganites Back to the National Treasure!

Dear Morgan Family,

Welcome to the first day of classes on the campus of the National Treasure, our beloved Morgan State University. In all of Morgan’s glorious 153-year history, there has only been one other year that has come close to the pervasive uprooting of normalcy that we are experiencing now in 2020. That year, of course, was 1918–when the nation was challenged with the Influenza Pandemic.

At that time, Morgan had shed its original name of Centenary Biblical Institute and had been renamed Morgan College, undergoing a historic and transformative moment of its own. Despite facing the challenges of the pandemic, Morgan also endured the bitter undercurrents of racism that threatened its growth and aspiration to broaden the doors of education to accommodate historically marginalized communities. In this moment, however, the institution was not deterred. Morgan’s visionary and innovative leaders kept the faith and continued to chart the noble paths we travel today.

It is not overlooked that the parallels between then Morgan College, and the Morgan State University that we call home today, seem eerily similar—a wide-sweeping, global pandemic and the bitter undercurrents of systemic racism. Thankfully, Morgan is a resilient University—a principled institution guided by a core set of values that have kept us focused and knitted together as family. Yes, the opening curtain for Morgan’s fall 2020 semester revealed a setting that we had not envisioned, but like our Morgan College predecessors, we, too, cannot and will not be deterred. Adding to our cause, we are inspired by the towering voices of our ancestors permeating throughout the campus reminding us each day of “who we are.”

Morgan is strong. Morgan is a leader. Morgan is resilient. Morgan is thoughtful. Morgan is innovative. Morgan is respectful. Morgan is diverse. Morgan is resourceful. Morgan is you!

Whether you’re physically on campus or not, let’s move forward with purpose and an unrelenting ethic that is unmistakably Morgan Made. Wear a face covering, avoid large gatherings, practice social distancing, and wash your hands frequently, as we strive towards a safe, healthy and academically successful fall 2020 semester.

Remember always, we are Growing the Future and Leading the World!

Onward Morgan!

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President Wilson

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