Friday, January 15, 2021
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You Matter


My Beloved Morgan Students,

I write this brief message to you today understanding what many of you are struggling with—the all-consuming pandemic, unrelenting structural racism, and the news out of Louisville—punctuated by the travesty that no charges were filed against Breonna Taylor’s murderers. In recent years, and at an increasingly alarming rate within the last few months, you have seen too many young Black men and women killed by law enforcement. I know you are hurting—as I am.

But, please know that your Morgan family cares deeply about each and every one of you. You Matter!

I urge you to continue to stand against injustice, to make your voices known on social media and elsewhere, always adhering to, and in accordance with, Morgan’s Core Values. I urge you to organize—virtually in this climate—to create a change agenda for a nation that perpetually falls short of her ideals. What we are witnessing is an America that many of us don’t understand or even recognize. Our ancestors fought too hard to lift themselves and us above the second-class status that this country had carved out for us. We must not—and will not—let that progress recede. I appeal to each of you to always protest in peace—not in violence or destruction; and to never own the biases and predilections that are harbored by so many that subvert your worth.

As students of this exceptional institution, the National Treasure, understand this—you are being Morgan Made. Simply, that means you are being equipped with the tools to lead this country out of despair. You are the future and we are determined to “grow you up” strong and highly capable to lead the world. We are all here for you. If you are in need of immediate counseling, please contact our University Counseling Center. If you just need to share your thoughts with me, by all means, send those forward—my door and my ear are always open.

Morgan is so proud of all of you. We are family!


In harmony and respect,

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President Wilson

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