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Cheon, Kroiz Collaborative Brings Diamond Installation Back to Downtown Baltimore

building with diamondsBack by popular demand, School of Architecture and Planning associate professor and architect Gabriel Kroiz and Mina Cheon, a new media artist, scholar, and educator resurrected their original “Diamonds Light Baltimore” light sculpture to be exhibited along Baltimore’s Bromo Arts and Entertainment District. The exhibit, which made its debut as a Maryland Art Place (MAP) installation during the inaugural Light City 2016, was brought back as part of a project funded by the Downtown Partnership of Baltimore. The purpose of the project is to promote safety and bring vitality to the highly traversed Saratoga Street corridor leading into the Bromo District.

diamonds lighting up downtownThe revived Diamonds Light Baltimore installation will also feature a mural designed in collaboration with and painted by Gaia (Andrew Pisacane), the Forbes “30 Under 30” designated street artist. This painted mural appears along the Tyson Street alley next to MAP. In total there will be three different sized diamonds, two on the front façade and one diamond in the alley. The mural will be reflective of the diamond’s geometry and centers one of the cascading diamonds out of the three installed on the building. The project is intended to be a semi-permanent installation projected to last several years.

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