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Day #7: Bourton and Bath

Day #7: Bourton and Bath

On the seventh day of our tour, we departed from Birmingham for what would be a full day of travel en route to our final destination of London. However, prior to our leaving, we experienced some overnight excitement as hotel alarms sounded off just past midnight forcing everyone in the hotel to evacuate for 10-minutes or so. While it wasn’t officially confirmed, rumor has it that one of the hotel’s guests was smoking and set off the alarm.

As we headed to our next stop, we traveled through the rural Cotswolds area in south-central England. Taking advantage of the opportunity, we made an unplanned stopover in the town of Bourton-on-the-Water, often referred to as “Venice in England” due to the quaint town’s abundance of low bridges and stone houses. Bourton is a very beautiful town. It was easy to see why it was packed with tourists.

Following our pitstop in Bourton, we then made our way to the spa town of Bath, England (pronounced Baaath). This particular community has a reputation for being England’s most sophisticated town. It was a place that many among the country’s upper class visited while on holiday (vacation). Its main attraction is the former site of the Roman Baths. The original hot springs “spa” is still available for tourist to see and via audio apparatus, learn about the history of the ancient spa treatment the Romans enjoyed.

After experiencing the baths in Bath, next up was Bristol, England for dinner and an overnight stay. The next day would include the highest profile stop of the tour, a big concert in the chapel of Windsor Castle, the same place where Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were married. Windsor Castle is the world’s oldest and largest inhabited castle and we were very excited to not only visit but to also perform.

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