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Jury Verdict in the George Floyd Murder Trial

Statement from Morgan State University President David Wilson

Dear Morgan Family:

Today, when I finished a business meeting on campus and headed back to my office, I was momentarily stunned when I heard that the jury in the George Floyd murder trial had reached its verdict. Given the swiftness in which the jury reached its decision on the fate of the accused, I was hopeful that the verdict would be one of guilt on all three counts and that the family of Mr. Floyd would find some solace in that judgement. However, given what has happened in previous trials involving police officers who had been acquitted of killing innocent Black men and women, I began to feel a bit of trepidation regarding the outcome as I listened intently to the judge’s pronouncement. This was a moment in our history as Americans—would it be more of the same or would justice be served. Let history show that justice was served in this case.

David WilsonWitnessing the life being needlessly and horrifically taken from Mr. George Floyd by a policeman’s knee on his neck for more than nine minutes is a memory that will forever be etched in my mind. What happened with this verdict, however, sends a message. Finally, a jury is saying to Black citizens across the nation, that yes, your lives matter.

Moreover, this jury sends a resounding message to all of the Black men, women and children who have lost their lives to rogue law enforcement officers that this type of behavior is abhorrent and will not be tolerated. To the police officers who treat so many young Black men with utter disdain and devalue their lives, the courts will not protect you when innocent people are killed.

While I feel that the deserved verdict was rendered, this is not a cause for celebration. My heart goes out to the Floyd family today because even a guilty verdict will not result in bringing Mr. Floyd back to life.

Holding justice high,

President David K. Wilson


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