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Morgan Alum Publishes Book: Black Men in College

Black Men in College provides vital information about how to effectively support, retain, and graduate Black male undergraduates. This edited collection centers on the notion that Black male collegians are not a homogenous group; rather, they are representative of rarely acknowledged differences that exist among them. This valuable text suggests that understanding these differences is critical to making true in-roads in serving Black men. Chapter contributors describe the diverse challenges Black men in HBCUs face and discuss how to support and retain high-achieving men, gay men, academically unprepared men, low-income men, men in STEM, American immigrants, millennials, collegiate fathers, those affiliated with Greek organizations, and athletes. Recommendations for policy and practice to encourage retention and persistence to degree completion are grounded in extant theory and research. This text is a must-read for all higher education faculty, researchers, and student affairs practitioners interested in addressing the contemporary college experiences of Black men in postsecondary institutions.

President of Alcorn State University comments on Morgan Alum’s book entitled Black Men in College: Implications for HBCUs and Beyond.  The book will be released December 27, 2011.

“This book is a comprehensive exploration of the contoured contexts that influence the access and success of African American males in higher education. The chapters scaffold core knowledge about the experiences of African American males, frame new insights into the critical intersections of black male identity, and construct meaningful recommendations to improve both practice and outcomes on campus. Black Men in College will be useful for years to come.”

— M. Christopher Brown II, President, Alcorn State University

You can pre-order a copy of Black Men in College: Implications for HBCUs and Beyond, co-edited by Morgan Alumnus, Robert T. Palmer (PhD, Higher Education ’07).  Tiffany Patrice Fountaine, Assistant Director of the Center for Academic Success and Achievement, is a contributing author.  She is also a graduate of Morgan State University (PhD, Higher Education ’08).





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