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Morgan Professor Uses Digital Media to Impact Students in The Black Belt

angela-mcmillan-howellDr. Angela Howell, Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Morgan State, was invited by Professor Territa Poole, at the University of Alabama, to engage with her students around Dr. Howell’s 2013 book, Raised Up Down Yonder: Growing Up Black in Rural Alabama.

After 2 semesters of teaching a course called “Society, Systems, and the Alabama Black Belt,” and using her book, “Raised Up Down Yonder” as one of the main texts, Professor Poole reached out to Dr. Howell to ask if she would be willing to interface with her class.

The class, itself, represents an interdisciplinary foray into civic engagement and service learning via studying issues (and the underlying factors) related to education and social justice in the Black Belt.

Dr. Howell eagerly agreed to participate in this pedagogical exercise. She filmed an introductory video for Professor Poole and her students.


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