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Morgan Professors Contribute to the Transportation Funding Debate

Dr. Michael Callow and Dr. Nathan K. Austin, professors at the Earl G. Graves School of Business and Management, recently presented their research findings on “Public Perspectives on Transportation & User Fees” at a seminar organized by the National Transportation Center at Morgan State University.

The study surveyed 4300 Maryland residents from all counties.

The main findings were that Maryland residents held favorable opinion of three revenue-generating initiatives i.e. (1) variable rates for inspection and licensing fees,(2) increases in registration and licensing fees, and (3) General Obligation Bonds, but negative evaluations of non-road usage fees, sales tax increases, and a mileage fee.  The respondents held neutral opinions towards toll-related initiatives and increasing the state gas tax.

The findings also suggest that though there is a general level of dissatisfaction with current roadway conditions, motorists tend to be reluctant to support revenue-generating initiatives, unless it is clear that the additional revenue will be used for projects aimed at improving important roadway concerns.


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