Thursday, March 22, 2018
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Morgan Students Study Abroad: Day 13: Shanghai: The NYC of China

Shanghai Skyline - Leaving China With One Last Hoorah!

We woke up, ate breakfast and loaded our bus. We had our final goodbyes and hugs, and some tears. The local students who had accompanied us for the past six days all showed up to see us off. We made some good friends, learned about their culture while sharing ours, and all the while we were able to be ourselves …

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Morgan Students Study Abroad: Day 12: Last Day in Hangzhou

Getting Our Groove on at the Closing Reception

Our last day in Hangzhou started with a hearty breakfast and then we were off to visit the electric vehicle and electric vehicle battery facility an hour away in Wanxiang. We were warmly greeted by several high-level employees, who provided a brief PowerPoint presentation on the facility and the importance of electric vehicles in China. After that, we were taken …

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Morgan Students Study Abroad: Day 11: Energy, Silk, and Dough

A Rooster, Fish, and Panda made by our Sifu in less than 10 minutes/sculpture

Hangzhou has weather similar to Seattle’s. It is very green with a frequent cloud and mist cover and rain, but it’s much hotter. Today, however, we were greeted by a rare burst of sunshine over the tree-covered mountains in the distance. We prayed that the sun would stay out for the entire day although most of our day was scheduled to …

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Around The World and Back: Ashley Coar

Ashley Coar

Ashley Coar is not your typical college student. She’s traveled the world and speaks five languages (Japanese, Spanish, Korean, French and English). And despite being born to African American parents from the United States, Korean is actually her native tongue. She didn’t learn to speak English until age seven. Along with her ability to speak multiple languages fluently, she also …

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Morgan Students Study Abroad: Day 10: Some Much Needed Down Time

Giant Floor Map of China in the Xixi Wetland Museum

Heavy rain and thunder greeted us this morning. Braving the downpour, we headed out to our first lecture, which was on social development and anti-poverty works in China. It was a great class that helped us to understand more about China. For starters, we learned that the United Nations (UN) definition of extreme poverty is earning less than a dollar …

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Morgan Students Study Abroad: Day 9: Song Dynasty Town Tour

In Front of Wanxiang Polytechnic University Library

This morning, several Chinese students from Wanxiang Polytechnic University took us on a campus tour.  They have been accompanying us during our various visits in Hangzhou.  It has been a good way to build cultural understanding of each other.  Although their English is limited, it is amazing how much people can learn from each other just by sitting on the bus …

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Morgan Students Study Abroad: Day 8: Tour of Hangzhou City

Morgan Students in Front of Leifeng Pagoda

It’s hard to believe that we have finished the first half of our trip and there are only six days left.  After a good night’s sleep, we woke up to a cloudy and foggy Hangzhou.  The city of Hangzhou is located in southeastern China, about a two-hour drive from Shanghai. Hangzhou is considered one of the most beautiful cities in …

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Morgan Students Study Abroad: Day 7: To Hangzhou on a Speeding Bullet

Aerodynamic Bullet Train

We woke up bright and early this morning to check out of our hotel rooms and head to the train station. We got a great cultural lesson while checking out. Once we turned in our room keys, a hotel staffer went to every room to check it thoroughly. If anything was missing or if there were any damages, we are …

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Morgan Students Study Abroad: Day 6: Beijing Farewell

Bicycle: A Very Common Mode of Transportation

Today is our last day in Beijing.  It has been raining for the past two days with much cooler temperatures as compared to our first day when it was 100 degrees.  Our first lecture for the day was a second class in Chinese language.  We had a lot of fun learning Chinese on the first day. Today was even better as …

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Morgan Students Study Abroad: Day 5: A Slightly Slower Day

Best Dinner in Beijing

We knew ahead of time that, although today would be another long day, it would be a slow day. We had no site visits planned for the day. We were looking forward to our first event of the day, which was practicing dragon dancing. Unfortunately, due to rain, it was cancelled. Although we were looking forward to the dragon dance, …

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