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President David Wilson

President Wilson’s Statement on the Death of Mr. George Floyd

My Dear Morgan Family,

For as long as I live, I will never forget the horrific video of Mr. George Floyd being woefully asphyxiated by the knee of a morally bankrupt officer of the law. For what seemed like an eternity, we witnessed Mr. Floyd’s very breath being extinguished from him. His cries of “mama” and “I can’t breathe” fell empty on the ears of the callous and cold-hearted officer. I have not been able to sleep restfully since witnessing this tragedy.

I know our community is hurting, yet again, at the sight of another unarmed young Black man die at the hands of those sworn to protect and serve. I know our blood is boiling and our emotions are high. Believe me, I truly understand! As the father of a young Black man, and as an uncle and a great uncle to scores of other young men, I have great empathy for the families who endure such atrocities of civil and human rights. No family should ever have to experience the loss of a loved one in such a brutal and overtly racist manner.

Even in light of what I’ve said, I say to all of us, let’s stand up for the value of our lives, but if you feel compelled to protest this great injustice, please do so peacefully and with the best interest of your fellow man and woman. We must triple our efforts to rid our society of racism—which, seemingly, in the modern era, has resulted in a practice that Black male lives, in particular, are dispensable.

Go forward and voice your collective stand against injustice with vigor, passion and solidarity in the true Morgan tradition, but as you do, please do so peacefully.

United in equality and humanity,

President Wilson

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