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Listen to Professor Connell’s Podcast at National Building Museum

Ruth Connell Image Podcast

Professor Ruth Connell’s lecture presentation on “Architecture 101: Bio-Architecture” at the National Building Museum is now posted on the museum’s website as a podcast with supporting images.

Bio-architecture demonstrates the growing influence of nature in buildings through the predominance of organic, nature-inspired patterns and shapes. Ruth spoke about Bio-Architecture for the museum in August of this year, exploring the roots of organic design in the work of Louis Sullivan and Antoni Gaudi.  Linking the ideas of a multitude of exciting contemporary architects and artists, Ruth Connell discusses James Turrell, Peter Zumthor, Jean Nouvel, Thom Mayne, Santiago Calatrava and many others in this podcast.

Ruth Connell, who teaches graduate architecture at Morgan State University, writes about many topics in architecture and art.  For architectural writing by Ruth Connell, visit


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