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Lithographs by Ruth Connell in Quiet Waters Exhibition

Cabernet II_Connell

Architecture Professor and artist Ruth Connell is exhibiting several lithographs in The Galleries at Quiet Waters Park in Annapolis, Maryland.  The group exhibition, “Reflections”, is by the AACC Printmaking Club, and the exhibit dates are August 27 to October 12, 2014.

Speaking about her work, Ruth Connell writes:

“I most often turn to the natural environment for my inspiration, and I like to integrate metaphorical references into my images.

“With You”, my very first lithograph, created in 2012, was inspired by the deep love I observed between two young people on their wedding day, and the strength and power of an old maple tree on a lakeshore, a tree that symbolizes endurance and longevity suffused with beauty.  The heart shapes are interlocked with both the tree and themselves, the way a strong love weaves the lovers together with each other but also with the world. Small hearts are scattered among the leaves, and the initials of the two lovers are hidden among the leaves as well.

“Cabernet II”, another lithograph, portrays the high vineyards overlooking a beautiful lake in New York State.  The contrast of the blues and violets with the white of the paper highlights the boldness of a bright summer day in the Finger Lakes.  The lithographic crayon technique captures the texture of the vineyard, and the use of a tusche wash unifies the sky with the landscape. Bringing some abstraction to a familiar image, like this vineyard landscape, helps the viewer experience the scene in a fresh way.

The lithograph, “Call of the Woods”, was inspired directly by Quiet Waters Park, portraying a bend in the path suggestive of more adventures to follow.  The very subtle violet and silver ink recalls the delicate scenes of early spring or late winter, when new foliage is not yet erupted, and only the old ghosts of autumn leaves are in the trees.

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