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Morgan State choir, Cuban ensemble find common ground

Coro Entrevoces at Morgan State University

Article by Wesley Case • The Baltimore Sun On Wednesday afternoon, Ariana Rodriguez, a soprano from Cuba, became so overwhelmed with emotion during a solo that she took off her eyeglasses and threw them to Morgan State University’s choir room floor. Less than 30 minutes later, the vocalist — visiting Baltimore for the day with the award-winning Havana-based choir Coro Entrevoces — barely remembered …

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Morgan Choir Featured in Performance at the White House

Photo Courtesy: White House

On June 26th, for the first time, television viewers will have the chance to enjoy the Morgan State University Choir in performance at the White House, accompanying such gospel greats as Aretha Franklin, Shirley Caesar, Lyle Lovett and Darlene Love, among others. The concert is part of a special White House celebration of gospel music. It was recorded live in …

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Day 12 – We return home!

We arrived at JFK at 9:00 AM on Sunday, May 31, 2015 after an eleven-hour flight – the return flight always seems faster.  We were quickly processed through US customs.  Again, all luggage was present and accounted for. We only had a four-and-a-half hour drive back to campus. All in all, this may have been the best-attended concert tour that the choir has ever …

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Day 11 – Our last day in Argentina

The only event on the agenda for this day was a guided Fiesta Gaucho Tour with lunch.  This was an opportunity for the group to experience and interact with the Argentinian Gauchos (cowboys).   We travelled 45 miles to the Santa Susana Ranch in Los Cardales, Argentina.  As we entered the ranch, we each were given several varieties of Empanadas …

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Day 10 – A chance to explore Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is the most European-like city in South America. Despite Argentina being a Spanish colony, most of the architecture in Buenos Aires is taken from the French.  Many of the early Argentinian aristocracy had homes in both Argentina and France.  They brought much of the culture from France back here. Argentina is derived from the Latin “argentum,” meaning silver.  The original settlers …

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Day 9 – Our final concert in Argentina

Our last concert is at the Gran Rex Theatre with a seating capacity of 3,300. I was very concerned that our 1:00 PM Thursday afternoon concert would not have much of an audience, given that this did not seem to be a regular concert time; however, this is a very well known series that typically has large audiences. The Mozarteum, the top arts organization in …

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Day 8 – Back to where we started

Our day began with a plane ride back to Buenos Aires, our arrival city.  We departed from the hotel at 8:00 AM for the Mendoza airport. We had a short 90 minute flight back to Buenos Aires, which would have taken 13 hours to return by bus. Buenos Aires is the largest city in Argentina and 2nd largest city in South America …

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Day 7 – Another Concert Day

We began the day with a guided tour of Mendoza.  Mendoza is an interesting city in that there are plazas all around, every couple of blocks or so.  More interestingly, there are the channels around the city to collect all the rain that falls.  Typically when it rains in urban centers, the water just rests and eventually evaporates.  Mendoza is …

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Day 6 – Another day of travel

We drove to the city and province of Mendoza, the site of our next concert.  Before checking in at the Mendoza Hotel, we traveled to the highest mountain in the Southern hemisphere Aconcagua, a mountain close to twenty-three thousand feet above sea level.  Aconcagua is part of the Andes, the largest mountain range in the world stretching throughout the Western part …

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Day 5 – Early start to a long day!

On Sunday morning, we had to depart by 7:30 AM to drive to the province and city of San Luis.  Although not one of the largest cities in Argentina, San Luis was perhaps the most proud.  Because of gold, San Luis, is perhaps the most affluent province in all of Argentina.  To give a sense of the affluence of this city and province, …

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