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MSU Choir Middle East Tour – Day 10

Day10.1 Pic

Today was a good day. Quite like Oman, we have two very fine guides for the country of the United Arab Emirates. Given that we have two buses on this tour, one for the choir and one for the “shadow group,” one guide is assigned to each group. After a very exhausting Carmina Burana performance on last night, the group …

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MSU Choir Middle East Tour – Day 9

Day10.2 Pic

Travel Day to Abu Dhabi We left our Dubai hotel of two days – Hotel CityMax – at 9:30AM for an hour and a half drive to Abu Dhabi. On the way to Abu Dhabi, we stopped to take photos of the most luxurious hotel in the world—the Burj Al Arab! Some felt compelled to touch the water at the …

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MSU Choir Middle East Tour – Day 8

Day 8.1

Day 8 in Dubai: Today’s post will have more photos than narrative, as there was so much to see and share, and it is late.  This morning, we visited another mosque: The Jumeriah Mosque – a magnificent example of modern Islamic architecture.  The reason for another visit to a mosque was the presentation of local culture and customs given by …

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MSU Choir Middle East Tour – Day 7

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Day 7 in Dubai, UAE: Today, we traveled from Muscat, Oman to Dubai, United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.).  This was a seven-hour drive by bus, but quite enlightening to see the terrain of a foreign country.  Earlier you may have read about Muscat being in a volcanic bowl, thus all the mountains around the city.  The actual name for the volcanic …

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MSU Choir Middle East Tour – Day 6

Day 7.3

Day 6 of Middle East Tour: On day six, we received the biggest dose of Islamic culture.  We visited an Omani Mosque.  A mosque is a place of worship for followers of Islam.  This was a place where we wanted to be the most careful to be considerate of the etiquette in visiting another culture’s house of worship.  Women were …

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MSU Choir Middle East Tour – Day 5

Day 5.1

Day 5 in Middle East Tour Given our extreme travel day of yesterday (waking-up at 3:30 AM, traveling to a different country, and then performing two concerts) we asked our guide if we could amend the schedule.  Originally, the schedule had a 2-and-a-half hour drive to Nizwa, the birthplace of Islam in the Sultanate of Oman, and site of a famous …

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MSU Choir Middle East Tour – Day 4

Day 4.1

Day 4 – Travel from Doha, Qatar to Muscat, Oman. Today we all received a wake-up call at 3:30 AM – OUCH!!!  Breakfast was scheduled for 4:00 AM.  We were scheduled to leave the hotel at 5:00 AM.  Well, we did not accomplish this feat, but left shortly thereafter.  We arrived to the Doha airport in time for a 7:30 AM flight.  The flight to …

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MSU Choir Middle East Tour – Day 3

Day 3.1

Day 3 in Doha, Qatar, We left the hotel this morning for a day of sightseeing of attractions in Doha, Qatar.  Our first stop was a point on the waterfront where tourists could take photos of the “new city” of Doha. The skyline was as full as many larger cities in the United States.  Everyone got off of the buses …

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MSU Choir Middle East Tour – Day 1 & 2

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The Morgan State University Choir left Washington Dulles airport 10:15 on Sunday, May 18, 2014. We arrived to the airport early enough that we could leisurely go to the gate of departure. The flight time was about 12 1/2 hours from Washington Dulles which spanned seven time zones.  After a brief period clearing customs as well as purchasing visas for …

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